I'm a writer and consultant — if it involves putting words in a row or talking about business, I enjoy it.

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Be A Freelance Blogger

Here's What Real Blog Editors Look For in Your Pitches

Here's What Real Blog Editors Look For in Your Pitc...

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Finding Value Luxury in Amish Country

Luxury may not be the first word that comes to mind when you consider a trip to Amish country. But...

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10 Sharing Services That Will Change Your Life

The internet makes it possible to create marketplaces for just about anything — including fractions of items or temporary access...

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Print It, Finish It: Great Paper To-Do Lists

There’s something incredibly satisfying about crossing an item off your to-do list — a feeling that you just don’t get...

OPEN Forum

10 Business Owners Who Turned Services Into Products - OPEN ...

Could the service you provide be sold in product form? Here's 10 people who made the switch and were wildly successful.

OPEN Forum

Build Your Local Economy To Build Your Business - OPEN Forum ...

Every business is a member of its local economy, just like every animal is a member of its local eco-system. When the local economy is flour

OPEN Forum

Countering: What To Consider Before An Employee Gets Another ...

The day will come when an employee gets an other offer. Here's what you should think about before countering.

OPEN Forum

Hiring The Best: Go Beyond Asking Questions In An Interview ...

Finding the perfect employee for your business can be difficult. Here are some ideas to complement the traditional interview.

OPEN Forum

How To Get Funding: An OPEN Forum Guide - OPEN Forum ...

In today's connected world, getting funding for your startup is easier than ever if you know where to look.